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Organic Tea & Coffee Suppliers

Organic Tea and Coffee Suppliers listed below

Why Organic Tea and Coffee?

Coffee is one of the world’s biggest commodities; after cotton and tobacco, coffee is the most sprayed crop in the world. Some of the most dangerous known chemicals are used, many of which have been banned all over the world, yet remain in use in coffee production, benoyml, chlordane, cabrflurane, DDT, endulfan, paraquat and zineb being a few examples.  These chemicals are damaging workers and the environment every day.       

Tea is also treated with many toxic fertisilisers and chemicals. A study by the Chinese non-governmental Centre for Community Development Studies,  found that although Chinese farmers experienced higher yields and profits when first using pesticides, they are now losing crops due to ecological disruption and pesticide resistance is common.  A report published in 2000 attributed thousands of deaths in China to the use of pesticides in crop production.  There is however, a growing organic movement in China and farmers are taking part in “back to the land” movements.

Organic tea and coffee have a fresher flavour and the subtle differences in production are more apparent.   Organic tea and coffee is grown with respect for the environment using sustainable farming practices, the soil is protected for future generations and farmers are protected from exposure to toxic chemicals. 

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