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Organic Meat Suppliers

Online suppliers of organic meat produce are listed below.

From 1998 – 2004 the popularity of organic meat grew at around 20% per year, the production of domestic organic meat in the UK is growing substantially giving consumers far more choice. In light of ongoing health scares such as BSE, choosing organic makes sense.  Organic meats are certainly healthier, organic animals are free of artificial hormones, antibiotics, growth promoters and pesticides. They are often fed a natural grass diet as opposed to unnatural grains.  The School of Clinical Veterinary Science have stated that grass-fed beef and lamb are of superior quality to meat from animals fed grain-based diets.  Many organic meat producers use traditional methods for maximum flavour and texture.

Organic meat production places great value upon the welfare of animals. Healthier, happier animals result in high quality meats with better flavour.  Working in harmony with nature, organic farming protects our environment, benefits livestock and supports biodiversity in wildlife; buying organic meat means you are supporting this valuable industry in addition to protecting your health.   

Organic meat suppliers deliver both fresh and frozen in insulated boxes, many suppliers offer selection boxes with nationwide deliveries.  Simply click the links below to buy organic meat online.

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