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Natural Skin Care

Natural, organic skin care suppliers are listed below


The skin is the largest organ of the body – a two way membrane that both eliminates and absorbs toxins.  Some of the chemicals in skin care products would be considered dangerous to be taken orally, but are apparently acceptable for applying to the skin!


Most high street skin care products contain a vast array of chemicals, drying agents, surfactants, synthetic moisturisers, animal fats and even known carcinogens.  Many more use so called “natural” products that have been subjected to a chemical solvent extraction process, resulting in a product that is far from natural.   Perhaps just as disturbing are the unscrupulous companies using the chemical definition of organic to describe their products as opposed to the meaning they are dishonestly implying. For example the petrochemical preservative Methyl Paraben,  is termed “organic” as it is formed from natural leaves, rotted over thousands of years to become crude oil, which was then used to make this toxic and un-natural preservative.  There are a variety of certifying bodies that approve truly organic products; “Certified Organic” is perhaps the most widely recognised and this seal of approval is monitored by various international bodies.


 Many traditional skin preparations have been used for thousands of years and have natural nourishing, revitalising and beautifying properties. 

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