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Natural Insulation Products

Insulation is essential; it reduces energy consumption and reduces the impact each home has on the environment as well as saving money. 

Some traditional insulation products have known health risks including Man made Vitreous fibre (MMVF) a product that in the USA is considered “reasonably anticipated to cause cancer in humans" since June 1994.  Over 60% of homes in the UK have MMVF particulates in their homes. .

In the past, it was normal to use natural products for insulation but recent years have seen moves to synthetic, often toxic products, as well as posing health issues, the manufacture of these products is damaging to the environment.   There are natural alternatives that are safe for your family and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.   They can be made from materials such as recycled newspaper, flax and sheep’s wool – all non toxic and safe to handle.

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